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It is important to understand the difference between skin cancer and melanoma. Skin cancer is very common one in five people can expect to have skin cancer during their lifetime.

What is skin cancer?

Skin cancer is not melanoma. While melanoma develops from the pigment producing cells in the skin, skin cancer is a malignant tumour which forms in the skin’s own cells. Depending on the type of cells they originate from the most frequent types of cancer are basalioma or basal cell carcinoma and spinalioma or spinous (thorn shaped) cell carcinoma.

In the same way they have different origins, so different skin cancers vary in their behaviour. While melanoma develops quickly and aggressively and can spread (metastasise) to other organs fairly quickly, skin cancers grow relatively slowly and do not cause any problems for a long time, sometimes years. However, the picture is somewhat more complex because spinalioma can enter into metastasis as well, albeit rarely, and, if the tumours are in the wrong place, like the nose, or around the eyes, then these tumours can also be fatal.

Skin cancers develop mostly in spots that have been directly exposed to sunlight which is not the case with melanoma. Skin tumours appear in the form of barely noticeable, reddish, shiny areas or formations on the skin. It is important to remember that if a skin lesion or ulcerous formation does not disappear within three weeks you should immediately seek medical attention.


Regardless of what we call it: skin cancer screening, mole checks or melanoma screening, the important thing is that YOU COME ALONG for an examination. Here we can spot any possibly dangerous malignancies in time, remove any tumours or just give you some peace of mind by reassuring you with a full report to say you have nothing to worry about at the moment.


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