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The mole check without mole mapping consists of:

  • Thorough examination of every mole and lesion by our screening doctor  with the use of dermatoscope.
  • The suspicious moles will be recorded (images through digital dermatoscopy) for later possible comparison.
  • Consultation and written report about the results.
  • Management of arrangements for any required surgical interventions.

Please note: During the mole check without mole-mapping session we only retain images of suspicious moles, not a mole map of all of your moles for future comparison. Mole check with mole mapping session, is a more effective way to detect early stage skin cancer (melanoma) that looks like a normal mole over time.

(We highly recommend mole check mole mapping for patients who have a high risk profile and/or melanoma occured in their family history.)

Price (initial or follow up):

Doctor Screening£150

Posting a CD with the images taken (admin charge): £15


Call to book an appointment: 020 7111 0874phone