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Alan N, 2015

“Dear MelanomaMobil, In accordance with the instructions in your report I’m herewith enclosing my histological findings which are unfortunately positive this time again. Concurrently, I wish to thank you for your work, considering that your comparative analysis repeatedly helped identify my new melanoma at an early stage.”


Thomas C.., 2015

“Dear MelanomaMobil Team, As one of your fairly “old” patients (I’ve been visiting you for 6-7 years now) I highly appreciate your work and attitude. I think you do a pioneering work in your field.”


Dorothy H.., 2015

“I don’t really know where to start. Perhaps with these words: Thank you for your accuracy and professional preciseness”

I don’t think life-saving is something we can really thank for. Still, just as someone recommended you to me a long time ago, so do I with at least the same or even bigger heart recommend your lifesaving service to my beloved and friends, which I think really speaks for itself. I think now I can also be considered an authentic source of information in this regard.:)”


Kate K.., 2014

“I hereby wish to seize this opportunity and thank you for your work. The moles on my two legs were removed just in time; and as it turned out later, both were first-phase melanomas. I really treasure the chance to visit your screening examinations. Thank you very much.”


F.A., 2014

“We were extremely frightened of preventive removal, as recommended in the screening findings, so we visited the doctor the same day. But luckily enough we could soon calm down: my husband got the report last Wednesday and his moles were removed on Thursday; moreover, since the doctor here did not like the mole on his back, either, he ordered priority evaluation, so the result was already available by Tuesday.

Thank you for caring for our skin.

We both will visit you for a follow up one year later.”


Sylvia M., 2013

“I had the mole in the middle of my back removed at the recommendation of MelanomaMobil. The histological findings proved it was malignant. I’m fully certain that I would only have recognized there’s something wrong when it would’ve been too late. But, given this help, the melanoma could be recognized at an early stage. I’m simply unable to duly emphasize how grateful I am to MelanomaMobil’s team for saving my life. Thank you “ speaking for both myself and my family (mainly my 3 small children)!!”


Nick Battley, 2012


I wanted to thank you so much for the care you have taken with my comparison pictures and to let you know that you have without doubt saved me from a much more serious health issue. The mole was malignant and was removed immediately and then after diagnosis they have removed a slightly larger area to be absolutely certain they have got everything taken out. So thank you for that as without your careful comparison the mole could have got much worse and who knows the consequences.”




Julian V. Roberts, Professor, University of Oxford, 2012

I went for a skin examination at the Melanoma Clinic in 2011. The thorough screening revealed a subtle melanoma mole that was not apparent to the naked eye, and which would have spread further. This melanoma was subsequently excised, thus preventing any further spread. The clinic is very well run and the personal attention exceptional. I highly recommend anyone with an elevated risk for skin cancers to have a full skin examination at the MelanomaMobil clinic.”


Anonym patient from our satisfaction survey, 2012 “Thank you for providing such a thorough service. I have had mole checks before when the nurse only photographed moles that I was unhappy with. This did not make me feel very confident that I would have to be responsible for noticing any changes. I am very relieved to have found MelanomaMobil.”


James Turner, 2012An excellent and efficient service. Dr. Bela was highly professional and is clearly very experienced. I have never received answers to questions so well explained.”


Adam Hutchings, London, 2012Excellent service “ expert knowledge, thorough, caring.”


“Fantastic mole screening” by Meka Davies, 2011Having previously had my moles checked for skin cancer and never having been given a full report I decided to go private to MelanomaMobil. I was amazed at how in-depth the screening was as each mole was marked with a patch and a number and a photograph was taken of every single blemish and mole on my body. I then received a complete detailed report on the outcome and whether or not my moles were in fact dangerous or a risk of skin cancer. My photographs are kept on the computer in my personal file and will be compared year on year when I return for my screening. I felt totally comfortable with Bela who was so lovely to talk to, and answered all the questions I have always been too embarrassed to ask. I highly recommend going for a screening with MelanomaMobil as they certainly know what they are doing.


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