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The mole removal is performed by Dr. Bela, our consultant dermatologist.


The biggest threat every patient faces is the deadly melanoma skin cancer. Each and every client who comes to us for any treatment must be checked for visible signs of this cancer.

If you have had a thorough examination by us prior to surgery, we have the required information about your moles and other skin lesions and are therefore able to recommend removal.

If you require a specific mole removal (or other intervention) without first having had a MelanomaMobil examination we would also ask you to consult one of our screening nurses/doctors to have a basic mole check (not necessarily the mole check with mole mapping) to assess the entire body and make a professional recommendation.

If you are gathering information on mole removal you should read about the dangers of mole removal.

Mole removal prices: Surgical removal of one mole is £400 + £80 histology assessment. Two moles is £500 + £80

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