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Having a mole check is the only way to detect an early stage melanoma, which shows no signs of abnormality. Only by removing a malignant tumour (melanoma) early you can be sure of a complete cure and survival. Moles change continuously and these changes can be the sign of a melanoma. Our screening method records all your moles so during follow-ups we can detect even the smallest change by comparing the images of all your moles.
You can make an appointment by calling 0208 129 3066.
30 minutes on site for the screening to be completed, followed by an evaluation process at our centre (15-20 extra minutes) .You are free to go after initial screening has been completed and your report will be sent within ten working days.

MelanomaMobil Clinic 10 Harley Street London W1G 9PF

No. Our screening is completely non-invasive and painless.
Yes, the screening method we use at MelanomaMobil is completely safe for the unborn child and mother. We would definitely recommend that pregnant women are checked, because the hormonal changes during pregnancy may trigger changes in your moles.
Children can be checked, so that their parents can learn whether there are particular moles on their children that they need to monitor carefully. All moles are recorded and at a later date changes can be compared to these records. We can only screen children up to 16 years of age who are accompanied by their parents or another adult.
Screening is conducted by a screening doctor or nurse. At our evaluation centre a dermatologist, trained in the analysis of dermatoscopic images, checks them to identify any changes in your skin. It means that your moles are examined by a second specialist. Our leading dermatologist will be involved in the evaluation if there is a question to him or mole removal is recommended. This is done using teledermatoscopy, where a dermatologist evaluates images of the patient’s moles or suspicious skin lesions without the patient having to be present.

If you request them we will send you the images on a CD, the admin fee is £15. Please note these images can only be used in a comparative screening using the MelanomaMobil system. You can order your pictures from your personal online account. Log in here.

In this case you would need to make an appointment for an intermittent screening which is where we examine a maximum of three moles and their surrounding areas. The examination of hidden areas (ie. genitalia) is not a primary part of the full body screening process. However our screening doctor/nurse will ask you whether you have any moles in this area. If yes, our doctor/nurse will examine these moles as well.

If, after leaving the clinic, you remember any hidden moles which were not examined, it is not technically possible at this stage for us to attach individual images of a mole which has been missed to your previous screening data. In this case you would need to make an appointment for an intermittent screening. This is why it is very important to inform the screening doctor/nurse of any hidden moles while you are at our clinic.

The results will be available for download in your personal online account within 10 working days after the examination. You will be notified by email when available. Log in here.

Should surgery be recommended it can be scheduled through your GP or performed by Dr Bela, our dermatologist at our clinics. You can read more about mole removal here.

When you come for the second (follow-up) examination we can compare the images of all your moles with their current state. This is the only way to detect a melanoma early because we can identify even the smallest signs of growth. Early diagnosis is the only chance of being completely cured.

Absolutely not. Changing moles can be the sign of melanoma, so if you notice any changes please book a mole check by call 0208 129 3066 immediately so we can check that your mole is not a malignant tumour.