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Thousands of mole removal procedures are successfully done every year with no major problems or complications, but sometimes the not perfectly selected conditions might cause even serious harm for patients.

We would mention on the first place that situation, when the removed mole is not a mole, but a melanoma skin cancer that the person doing the procedure wouldn’t be able to recognise. That is why a through mole check by an expert is so essential before any treatment.

This is definitely a major mistake when the excision is not complete that means the skin lesion haven’t been removed in whole with surrounding normal tissues. It might be the case when laser treatment, cryotherapy or diathermy is used.

The next problematic field is the histology report, mainly when it is not done after the mole removal from the excised tissue. That might happen even with the best doctor when a removed mole is not a mole but an early stage malanoma, but it must turn out from the histology report when it is done! If it is not available that is a really dangerous situation. It is the responsibility of the patients to ask for their report that is explained by the doctor and put in their files for later availability.

Coming back to the subject of incomplete mole removal, the next problem might originate from is the re-growth of the lesion from the remnant parts, that might be very misleading for dermatologist and pathologist when deciding its nature whether it is malignant or not (Pseudomelanoma).

Also possible scenario when the mole removal agent itself (ie. laser beam) causes malignant transformation of the remaining cell inducing the formation of a cancer.

Worst among all when patients remove their own moles (and whatever) with different caustic agents (liquids, creams, freezing agents, whatever) ordered and bought form the internet. They are advertised as ‘natural’, ‘easy to use’ and ‘cost effective’ as you don’t need to pay for a doctor. They are everything but not safe. We have very sad stories from patients using non-medical methods for mole removal. Be very careful!

Have a mole check before mole removal. If you have a medical indication for removal or cosmetic reasons to get rid of something you dislike the experience of MelanomaMobil could be to your advantage.

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