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Removing a mole is usually a quick and straightforward procedure and is performed as an out-patient procedure. We start with the explanation of the advantages and possible risk of the minor surgical intervention, explore any possible allergies to anaesthetic agents than a consent form is signed.

After the area of the mole is disinfected and isolated (surrounded with sterile materials) the minor surgery procedure is usually carried out under a local anaesthetic, which means that the affected skin area will be completely numb but you stay awake. The introduction of local anaesthetic agent is the only slightly unpleasant moment of the procedure and it lasts for only a few seconds. The anaesthesia is almost instantly effective in the skin and excision of the mole using a scalpel can begin. The ellipse excision is done with a safety margin, to the full depth of the skin. The excised tissue is placed in formalin and the wound is sewn up with stitches. In case of shave excision placement of stitches is not necessary.

After this the area is covered with thin plastic surgery strips to improve the final appearance. Finally sterile bandage is placed on it, which should be protected from water or dirt, so you are advised to be careful when washing yourself and to avoid sports while it is healing.

A three days after the surgery, the sterile bandage needs to be replaced. After two weeks the sutures are removed, and the results of the histology report is delivered and explained to you.

Mole removal surgery lasts approx. 20 minutes (60min appointment). It is fine, in fact it is advisable to eat before the surgery as you will only have a local anaesthetic.

After the procedure you will be able to leave the premises on your own and drive a car.

Make an appointment for mole removal by calling 0208 129 3066